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RARPlayer and VLCRAAR are simple java-based executables you can use to play a video file within a RAR without the need for prior decompression.


Copy into same directory as VLC/MPlayer and unRAR.exe (found at RARLAB's website here)

To use simply associate with .rar or drag a rar file onto the executable.


VLCRAAR! 0.3 for VLC Media Player

RARPlayer 0.3 for MPlayer



Starts VLC/MPlayer automatically if a RAR is drag and dropped onto
VLCRAAR/RARPlayer or if a RAR is opened with VLCRAAR/RARPlayer


Improved: Background Image
Added: Program starts centred
Fixed: Image not correctly fitting within border
Removed: Unnecessary code


Added: Background image


Fixed: Association not working
Fixed: Icon not displaying


Added: Ability to associate with RAR Files


First Version


There is currently a bug where unrar.exe will continue running for a few minutes after
running vlcraar.exe or rarplayer.exe, the fix for this would entail a huge amount of effort of which
i do not currently have the time for.

There is also a bug with seeking in VLC/MPlayer unfortunately this is not currently repairable.

Also VLC Media Player tries to to repair the file, as far as I am aware this is a problem within VLC that I cannot fix.

If you can be bothered fixing or just want to praise please pm me at the Vlc forums (Sparks).

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